Watchman Nee

[Excerpt from the Translator’s Preface]

“This study was given by Mr. Watchman Nee in the early years of his ministry. Longhand notes which provided the gist of these readings were taken at the time. They were copied and mimeographed but never published in book form. In the study of prophecy our brother followed the approach of such people as G. H. Pember, Robert Govett and D. M. Panton, though he no doubt had his own original views and interpretations. As one can never be dogmatic in prophetic study, our brother merely presented here what seemed to help and satisfy him most. His purpose was to provoke the interest of God’s people on prophecy and to prepare them in meeting the blessed Lord.”


Table of Contents

Translator’s Preface

ONE The Vision of the Glorious Lord (1.1-20)
TWO The Seven Churches (2.1-3.22)
THREE The Scenes at the Throne (4.1-5.14)
FOUR Opening Seals (6.1-8.5)
FIVE Sounding Seven Trumpets (8.6-11.19)
SIX The Trinity of Satan (12.1-13.18)
SEVEN The First Fruits, the Harvest, and the Vintage (14.1-20)
EIGHT Pouring Seven Bowls (15.1-16.21)
NINE Babylon and Her Destruction (17.1-20.6)
TENĀ  After the Millennium (20.7-22.5)
ELEVEN The Last Warning (22.6-21)