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Spiritual growth is not a matter of knowing doctrines and facts from the Bible but rather a matter of knowing Christ. In order to know Christ, we must experience Him as life in an abundant way (John 10:10) and in a way that is both progressive and practical. There are many practical dealings that we must be willing to let the Lord lead us through, including clearance of the past, consecration, dealing with sins, dealing with the world, dealing with the conscience, obeying the teaching of the anointing, and knowing the will of God. In The Experience of Life, Witness Lee presents these and many more practical principles, which can guide our spiritual growth along a proper path to knowing Christ in a deeper way. Based on the experience of believers throughout the ages, as well as a lifetime of pursuing Christ, The Experience of Life is a treasure bequeathed to all the believers for our mutual growth and building up as the Body of Christ.